Friday, March 18, 2011

State Testing

USA today posts another article detailing how the search is on to try to find a new way to test our kids in schools we have yet another incident of a school fudging test results in order to maintain a high standing.  Does anyone get that the situation we've placed on schools for high performance has only fueled this?  Does anyone get that making the testing tied to teacher performance or "tenure" only makes this incidences more and more commonplace?  I remember when NCLB was first underway and the talk was to make sure the the state tests did not cause high pressure situations.  Well, guess what?  We've just created them.  We don't want high pressure for the kids but what about the high pressure put on teachers.  And what about accountability for the kids?  After all, it is their education.  Why are the kids not held to some sort of standards as well?  Seriously folks, when we talk about accountability, it shouldn't be so one sided.  In my undergraduate program, I was taught that there are 3 people in a child's education: the student, the teacher and the parents.  So, my question is where is the accountability for the student and the parents?

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